A day where hundreds of events will be held worldwide in celebration of escape rooms (or exit games). You will find special editions, events, discounts and a lot of other escape room related materials here. October 1st will be Escape Room Day! Read more about Escape Room Day.

Escape Room?

Escape rooms are something special. They are called Real Life Escape experiences, Exit Games, Room Escapes and a ton of other names throughout the world. But it’s always solving puzzles and riddles. If you have never played an escape room. Make sure you grab some of your friends, family, colleagues or classmates and book a room somewhere near you.

An escape room is basically a mysterious experience where you will be locked up in a room for a specific amount of time and by solving puzzles and riddles you have to get out. It’s amazing and totally lots of fun! It’s mind blowing fun! Do you want to know more about escape rooms? We have a complete page with the history of escape rooms.

Find an escape room near you!

There are a ton of websites where you can find the nearest escape room in your neighborhood. There are more than 10.000 escape rooms in the world. Big chance there is one near you! There are a lot of websites where there are gathered and where you can read reviews and the latest news

Some of the best of the world in the most popular escape room countries of the world:

We have a page with even more escape room websites. Your listing website here or did we forget one? Tell us!

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