Escape Room Supplier produce the latest generation turn-key escape rooms and standalone gadgets.

Turnkey escape rooms and puzzles of any complexity made by experienced escape room owners.Over 400 escape rooms built in 35 countries since 2014. Own full-cycle 1650 sqm production. 1-month production time for ER. Worldwide shipping.


You own Real Escape Games or just planning to start up? Looking for a ready-to-play solution or an equipment for Escape-rooms? You’re in the right place. We have built more than 160 Escape Rooms in Russia, the USA, Israel, the Netherlands and other countries. Thanks to our own production and the staff of 45 employees: writers, engineers, technologists, artists, decorators and others, we create in a short time period ready-to-play or individual Escape Rooms. Amaze your customers with high-tech riddles and realistic decorations, and they will come back again and invite friends. Indestrum will help you to make an exciting project with a small payback period that will bring you a real monthly income. Contact us and get free consultation