The first Worldwide Escape Room Day of the Universe

It’s there. The first Escape Room Day of the World. October 1st 2016 will be the first day of many to follow that will put escape rooms and everything that circles around it in the spotlight. We from Escape Rooms Nederland decided that we needed one very special day in a year where we celebrate and remember this phenomenon. Bring out the mystery, bring out our puzzles we are celebrating the existence of escape rooms!

We are from the Netherlands and we call them escape rooms. But that’s not how everybody in the world calls it. It’s possible that in your country they call it Live Escape Games, Exit Games, Real Life Escape Games or Live Escape Rooms, so many different names for such an awesome experience we all love :). Escape Rooms have a big history already. We try to have a website with all kinds of ideas, concepts, companies that want to make escape rooms as big as we are doing. You will find these on our website. Every day more and more. Tell everyone about Escape Room Day! Enjoy an escape room on October 1st and enjoy the mystery and puzzles.

Why October 1st?

We love to explain why we think October 1st is a very good choice for Escape Room Day. We started with the word ESCAPEROOM. The position of each letter in the A-Z alphabet summed became the number 110. Thats 1-10. Or October 1st. In the Netherlands we use dd/mm/yyyy :).

When we looked at the binary number for 110 we found 01101110. Or 01-10 11:10. Meaning October 1st, 10 minutes past eleven. So thats why we chose October 1st as our Escape Room Day. With a special meaning for 10 minutes past 11.

Escape Room Day information

On Escape Room Day you will find all kind of events, discounts, special appearances, special news, everything that all the people in the world need to know about escape rooms and where to find it on October 1st 2016. The first Worldwide Escape Room Day will be huge, will be mysterious, will be amazing. Join us and enjoy an escape room near you. You can find an escape room on one of the many escape room directories or review websites.

How many escape rooms have you played already? Ask those to do something special for Escape Room Day. They can add it on this website so others can enjoy the same awesome experience with your favorite escape rooms.

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